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Srikanth Ambati

Senior Medical Director in Clinical Development

After witnessing and being a part of advanced treatments and technology in action during my clinical fellowship and faculty in oncology and hematology, I realized I wanted to be at the juncture where I could translate innovations in the lab and deliver them to the clinic to benefit patients in an efficient and precise manner. I chose to join the Clinical Development team at Regeneron in 2018 to streamline my efforts and fulfill my needs for constant stimulation and learning, and at the same time, lead teams and guide investigators globally in making complex medical decisions that are data-driven. I came to realize that these rich scientific interactions enhance one’s understanding of pathophysiology and clinical judgment.

At Regeneron, you have the advantage of all the tools, technology and support from your colleagues while rapidly pursuing novel therapies for patients with unmet needs. You will have the opportunity to make a broader impact, even seeing a change in standard of care, in a short period of time during your career.


I’ve seen that people who like clinical research love clinical development work. The seamless ability to change the course of a clinical experiment and see results happen very quickly is rewarding, and it has been made possible by dedicated teams working towards the common goal.

At Regeneron, you can touch many patients across the world. You may not interact with all of them directly, but you can change the course of their lives. We're constantly moving the bar for the patient outcomes. Personally, it has been rewarding for me to see a drug that I was involved with from an early dose-escalation phase in a first-in-human study transition to a large registrational study with the potential to impact patients around the world.

Regeneron has a unique culture in which innovators will thrive. Be ready to challenge the norm, and be ready to be challenged. People here are open to independent thinking and willing to make changes happen. If you think there's an unexplored target or unmet need out there and an opportunity to make an idea happen, you are encouraged to pitch your case, backed by sound scientific rationale, to leadership.

Regeneron is a science-driven company. I'm working on a program now that Regeneron hadn’t fully explored previously, but the science forged a viable path forward for an investigational medicine. My team and I are going where nobody has gone before, unconstrained by red tape. I’ve paved new paths in my career as Regeneron paves new paths in medicine.